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       Music directors, educators and performers of all kinds organize and track performances, create program notes, catalogue composers, and keep up with equipment and music loans - and they do it in just a few keystrokes with the RCI Music Library.
       Less time searching and compiling information means more time making music. The RCI Music Library lets you take care of administrative and music cataloging needs efficiently, quickly, and inexpensively. RCI developed its software specifically for music directors, performers and collectors.
       The program's six screens are designed to store details about pieces of music, composers, instrumental arrangements, performers, performance dates, programs notes, loaned materials, and more. The specialized software logs information on your activities which can be retrieved and printed in a variety of report formats.

The program is designed to efficiently store information about all your music.

Easily access information with a few keystrokes!
       Created by musicians for musicians, the RCI Music Library is ready to run on IBM or Mac computers, with only your personal customization needed to make it an instrumental part of your repertoire for years to come.

Music Library Programs Include:
  • Small Schools Music Library
  • Choral Library
  • Band Library
  • Orchestra Library
  • Percussionist's Library
  • Performer's Library
  • Keyboard Library
  • Church Library
  • Singer's Library
  • Organist's Library
  • Organist's Library Plus
RCI Small Schools Music Library now available
- Designed for managing band, choral, and orchestra programs
- Track performances, create program notes, catalogue composers
- Keep track of equipment and music loans, and much more
- Now available on the online order form

Version 6.0 of the Libraries has been released. Click here to see what's new in version 6.0. Upgrades from previous versions are available on the order form.

A PDF brochure with details about the Percussionist's Library is available here.
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