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Version 5.x vs. version 6.0 of the Music Libraries

Version 6.0 of The Band, Choral, Orchestra, Church, and Organist Music Libraries have been released, so RCI current users of any version of those programs may upgrade to v6.0 for $100 (includes data transfer). Current users may order upgrades on our order form.

Here's a comparison chart showing the features of the two versions:

  v5.3 v6.0
Library x x
Performances x x*
Publishers x x
Value (update on an annual basis) x x
Vendors & suppliers x x
Loans x x
Recordings x x
Cross reference rec. x x
Play recording saved on computer directly from TCML   x
Instruments and equip. x x
Quick search multiple fields   x
Name & locate fields   x
Member (adult & Youth) x x
Send mass email x x
Automatic sort & list view by most fields x x
Mac OS 9 x  
Mac OS X/PC x x
Calendar x x
Program notes x x

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